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                 THE EARTH COLLECTION


                   EU ECO-LABEL AWARD

Global ethical fashion label THE EARTH COLLECTION has become the first company with environmentally-friendly garment design and manufacturing base entirely in China to receive the European Eco-label award.

THE EARTH COLLECTION, operates in a limit capacity in Australia., was awarded the coveted EU Flower for its commitment to the environment by guaranteeing a limited use of substances harmful to the environment or to health in its cotton production, as well as reduced water and air pollution, and minimal textile shrink and colour resistance. Environmentally friendly practices have been a key corner-stone of the way.

THE EARTH COLLECTION has done business since it was established in 1993 by Danes Jens-Peter Jensen and Hanne Nielsen, who began by selling eco-friendly t-shirts and have now grown the company to an established brand with more than 500 shops in 30 countries from their base in Hong Kong.

THE EARTH COLLECTION specialises in ethically sourced stylish clothing for all the family at purse-friendly prices and in contemporary designs to rival the very best the high street has to offer.

With two fashion collections a year, the range is good for the wearer as it doesn’t use Azo dyes or pigments which are potential carcinogens, good for the planet because it uses a wide range of environmentally-friendly, natural fabrics such as raw cotton, and good for the producer who is paid fairly and treated well during every stage of the manufacture.

The brand was awarded EU Flower status for its garments made from its signature 100% cotton herringbone weave fabric.

Re-vitalised in 2002 to attempt to create a European standard to harmonise local labelling, the EU Flower gives consumers the power to make informed choices about the ‘green’ products they are buying by offering simple and accurate guidance.

Operating in 23 product categories, ranging from detergents to camp sites, all goods bearing the ‘Flower’ have been tested by independent bodies for complying with strict ecological and performance criteria. A voluntary scheme designed to encourage businesses to market products that are genuinely a better choice for the environment,

The European Eco-label is administered by the European Eco-labelling board (EUEB) and receives the support of the European Commission, all member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA). The EUEB includes representatives such as industry, environment protection groups and consumer organisations.

Speaking about the award, Mr. Jens-Peter Jensen, founder of THE EARTH COLLECTION said: "We are proud to be the first brand based in China to achieve the distinction of receiving the award. We have worked hard for many years to build and sustain excellent relationships with our factories in China. People wearing our clothes now have the EU’s guarantee that they are among the most benign to the environment and to their health.

"Consumers today are more sensitive to the protection of the environment with four out of five Europeans saying they would like to buy more environmentally friendly products, provided they are certified by an independent organisation. When customers choose eco-labelled products, they have a direct impact on supply and demand in the marketplace. This is a signal which guides the market towards greater environmental awareness and encourages a corporate commitment to continuous environmental improvement.

"With the Flower on our products, we offer our customers a reliable guide to easily identify us as a good environmental performer. Environmentally friendly labelling has been in effect for several years and many countries and regions have their own standards and marking but the Flower is the eco-label that best meets our needs.

THE EARTH COLLECTION sells garments in 400 shops in Europe. Consequently, our aim has been to use a label that is widely recognised." #